BBCE 2018 @ DUFFEL : JUNE 2 & 3, 2018

Course Leader for MSc European Basketball Coaching Science and Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching Basketball at the University of Worcester (UK)


Ass. coach National Team Romania



Professional Skills Trainer


Founder of Elite Athletes


International Skills Camp Director in Belgium, Italy, Norway, Uk, ...



Professional Skills Trainer and Clinician at Pure Sweat Basketball (USA)

Jozef has a professional Sports, Martial Arts and Theatre background. Since 2000 he has been studying the internal principles of movement and their relation to health and ageing.


Founder of Fighting Monkey


Professional Skills & Movement Trainer


Founder of Elite Athletes



Head Coach Limburg United (Div. 1 - Belgium)





Head Coach T71 Dudelange (Total League Lux.)


Analyst for Eleven Sports Network

Internationally renowned speaker and dynamic trainer of athletes and coaches in the areas of cutting-edge Mental Skills & Toughness Training; and Athletic Speed, Agility, & Quickness training


Founder & owner of Icebox Athlete (USA)

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach


Former athletic coach (intern) at the Washington Wizards (NBA)

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